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Salomé Jashi

filmmaker, producer

Salomé Jashi [Tbilisi, Georgia 1981] studied documentary filmmaking at Royal Holloway, University of London. She’s a co-founder of Sakdoc Film which produces few films but times for quality artistic production.


Salomé Jashi's Taming the Garden [2021] premiered at Sundance Film Festival's World Cinema Documentary Competition and Berlinale Forum and was nominated for the European Film Awards. Her previous film The Dazzling Light of Sunset [2016] was awarded the Main Prize at Visions du Réel’s Regard Neuf Competition as well as at ZagrebDox, Jihlava IDFF, FIC Valdivia and other festivals. Her earlier work Bakhmaro [2011] was nominated for the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. All three films were produced in collaboration with Arte's La Lucarne. Her producing work How the Room Felt [2021] premiered at IDFA's main competition.    

Salomé was a fellow of Nipkow Scholarship in 2017 and DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program in 2020. She is a member of European Film Academy and co-founder of DOCA Documentary Association Georgia.

    selected filmography

    2021  TAMING THE GARDEN - 91 min - Switzerland, Germany, Georgia - Director, Co-cinematographer, Co-producer

    2021  HOW THE ROOM FELT - 74 min - Georgia - Producer

    2018  THE TOWER - 4  min - Director, Cinematographer

    2016  THE DAZZLING LIGHT OF SUNSET - 74 min - Georgia, Germany - Director, Cinematographer, Producer

    2011  BAKHMARO - 58 min - Georgia, Germany - Director, Cinematographer

    2010  THE LEADER IS ALWAYS RIGHT - 43 min - Georgia - Director, Co-cinematographer, Editor

    2009  SPEECHLESS - 12 min - Georgia - Director, Editor

    2006  THEIR HELICOPTER - 22 min - Georgia, UK - Director, Editor

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