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Vano Arsenishvili

filmmaker, cinematographer

After graduating from the Theatre and Film State University in Tbilisi (Animation film director), continued his studies at the Vienna Film Academy, where he directed several short fiction and documentary films. Apart from film directing, his work experience includes producing/directing for television. Since 2008 is a founder/director of Artefact Production, where he works on creative documentary films (directing, editing, cinematography). Also works as project consultant/editor on different media projects (DW Akademie, Studio Monitori) documentary or fiction films. Vano teaches documentary filmmaking at GIPA.

    selected filmography

    2019  A TUNNEL - 92 min - Georgia, Germany - Director, Cinematographer

    2012  ENGLISH TEACHER - 52 min - Georgia - Director, Cinematographer

    2009  ALTZANEY - 30 min - Georgia - Director

    2005  THE BRIDGE - 35 min - Georgia - Director

    2002  VELOODYSSEY - 15 min - Austria - Director

    2001  MIRO: LATE REBEL - 8min - Austria - Director

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