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Nino Orjonikidze

filmmaker, producer

Nino Orjonikidze is a documentary filmmaker, author of several award-winning documentaries, including A Tunnel - a co-production with ZDF/ARTE, premiered at IDFA in 2019. Her films are produced through a company Artefact Production, she has established in 2008 together with her friends. Nino has been teaching Documentary Film at the Caucasus School of Journalism and Media Management since 2012 and curating short documentary film production at Chai Khana Media platform since 2015, closely collaborating with filmmakers from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and commissioning more than hundred short docs from independent authors. Herself an alumni of several training initiatives including EsoDoc, she tutors internationally. Nino studied TV Journalism and documentary film at Goldsmiths, University of London (MA) and Tbilisi State University (BA/MA).

    selected filmography

    2019  A TUNNEL - 92 min - Georgia, Germany - Director, Producer

    2012  ENGLISH TEACHER - 52 min - Georgia - Director, Producer

    2009  ALTZANEY - 30 min - Georgia - Director, Producer

    2005  THE BRIDGE - 35 min - Georgia - Director, Producer

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