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Nikoloz Bezhanishvili


Nikoloz Bezhanishvili is a Tbilisi-based freelance filmmaker. He is the author of three short feature films, seventeen short documentaries, and two full-length documentaries. He has edited five documentaries as well. In 2004, Nikoloz graduated from the Georgian State University of Theatre and Film, Department of Film Directing. His short fiction film "Yesterday, Today" was screened and awarded by several film festivals. Nikoloz's first short documentary is about the Russia-Georgia war in 2008 based on personal interviews and real-life stories of refugees who fled their homes during the war. In 2011, he made 16 documentary TV series "Green Ball" about environmental issues in his country. Later, in 2015, Nikoloz produced his first future documentary, "Black Square," about female drug addicts in Georgia. The film was shown and awarded at the last several international film festivals. In 2015 he attended the documentary program American Film Showcase at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts (SCA) in Los Angeles. In 2022, Nikoloz's future documentary "The Northeast Winds" premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). Since 2015 Nikoloz has been a member of the International Documentary Association (IDA).


    2000  THE STORY - fiction - 10 min - Georgia - Director, Producer 

    2003  YESTERDAY, TODAY - fiction - 20 min - Georgia - Director, Producer 

    2006  TWO MUSICIANS - fiction - 20 min - Georgia - Director, Producer

    2008  TENT CITY - 25 min - Georgia - Director, Producer

    2011  GREEN BALL - 16 documentary TV series - Georgia - Director, Editor

    2015  BLACK SQUARE - 52 min - Georgia - Director, Producer

    2016  SEX WORKERS IN GEORGIA - 10 min - Georgia - Director, Producer, Cinematographer

    2017  DIARY OF PATIENT - 20 min - Georgia - Director, Producer, Cinematographer

    2022  THE NORTHEAST WINDS - 94 min - Georgia - Director, Producer, Cinematographer



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