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Nika Tsiklauri

filmmaker, producer, cinematographer

Nika (Nikoloz) Tsiklauri, born 1979, Tbilisi. Graduated from TSU, bachelor of science, physics. Worked in fields of: software development, graphic design, conservation, photography, fiction and documentary film, and eco-tourism. Passionate about wildlife photography, birdwatching, hiking, archery, progressive music, wood and metal work. Founded Eco Films Ltd in 2012, to have an opportunity for documentary film production. Mostly work as a fixer/location manager/producer and cameraman


In production  THE FIVE VIEWS OF THE CAUCASUS - 90 min 

2021  FACING THE DESERT - 10 min - Documentary

2019  THE OTHER NEIGHBORS - 37 min - Documentary

2018  ESHMAKIS BORBALI - 5min.   Special prize in ParaShoot – Short Film Marathon throughout Georgia

2017  JARA - 52 min - Documentary.  Winner of Gold Award at Deauville Green Awards

2014  SAVING THE WILD - wildlife for Caucasus Nature Fund. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia

2014  THE ROAD - 52 min - Documentary

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