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Nik Voigt

filmmaker, cinematographer

    Nik Voigt started his career as a photographer and discovered his love for documentary filmmaking while studying Photography and Film at De Montfort University. He spent ten years after graduating growing in various roles such as cameraman, studio producer, editor, and director in corporate films, broadcast, and advertising.


    Nik’s documentary career started in 2014, when Nik visited Georgia and began shooting "Magic Mountain," a documentary film co-directed with Mariam Chachia. This experience reignited his passion for documentary filmmaking. Nowadays, he primarily works as a cinematographer and has nine Director of Photography credits on documentary films that have been shown on Arté and screened at various European festivals.


    Nik also trains young filmmakers as a tutor and has been a part of festival juries and selection committees. Nik remains an avid photographer.


    2023  MAGIC MOUNTAIN - 73 min - Co-Director, D.O.P, Editor - OpyoDoc and Polish TV - Georgia

    2021  WATER HAS NO BORDERS - 85 min - D.O.P - OpyoDoc and Faites Un Voue - Georgia

    2021  THE BOND GIRL AND THE GENERAL - 52 min - D.O.P - Georgia

    2020  RESPUBLIKA - D.O.P - OpyoDoc - Georgia

    2022  THE PORT THAT NEVER WAS - D.O.P - Filmpunkt, Arte - Georgia

    2023  STALIN'S COLA - D.O.P - Filmpunkt - Georgia

    2019  GREAT EXPECTATIONS - D.O.P - La Boîte à Songe - Armenia

    2017  BEFORE FATHER IS BACK - 75 min - D.O.P - Nushi Films - Georgia

    2016  LISTEN TO THE SILENCE - 80 min - Producer, Second camera - Georgia

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