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Mariam Bitsadze

filmmaker, producer

Mariam Bitsadze founded 17/07 in 2016, BA in psychology and MA in audio-visual arts. She has been actively working in cinema for 10 years and has worked on films such as Corn Island (which was shortlisted for the Oscars in 2015), Giorgi Ovashvili's Khibula and others.


Since 2018, 17/07 has started producing art-house documentaries and produced first project by Nona Giunashvili, Death told life, which is Georgian-French co-production. 17/07 has several documentaries in production and development stages.


2024  In Production THE SEA OF DEAD - Georgia - Dir. Ana Kvichidze - Producer

2024  In Production ME-GRETA - Georgia - Dir. - Miranda Namicheishvili - Producer

2024  In Production FOOTBALL FAN - Georgia - Director

2023  In production HEART, DON'T BE AFRAID - dir. Ana Kvichidze - Georgia, France - Producer

2023  THE FEAST - 24min - dir. Mariam Bitsadze - Georgia - Producer

2022  DEATH TOLD LIFE - 89 min - dir. Nona Giunashvili - Georgia, France - Producer

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