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Ineke Smits

filmmaker, project/script coach

After graduating as a photographer and video artist in The Netherlands, Ineke Smits obtained her Master as a screenwriter and film director in the UK. In 2001 her first feature Magonia premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and toured the international festival circuit. In 2003 a Nipkow Fellowship allowed her to work in Berlin on her second feature The Aviatrix of Kazbek which closed the 2010 edition of IFFRotterdam. Since 1998 Ineke wrote and directed award-winning documentaries, amongst them Nostalgia (1999, with Tato Kotetishvili), Putin’s Mama (2003), Stand by your President ((2014) and Little Man, Time and the Troubadour (2019). All premiered at IDFAmsterdam, DOKleipzig and other international festivals. Next to her practice as a filmmaker Ineke is an advisor for various international Funds and organizations. She is a lecturer and a project- and script coach in Georgia and beyond. Ineke lives and works between The Netherlands and Georgia.


    2019  LITTLE MAN, TIME AND THE TROUBADOUR - 108 min - Sipa Labakhua travels through Abkhazia with his object theatre, shedding a new light on a highly topical question in a world that is on fire: What is a home country? - WP DOKLeipzig 2019, CinéDOC 2020, various international FF

    2014  STAND BY YOUR PRESIDENT - 92 min - In her last year in office Sandra Roelofs reflects on her years as First Lady of Georgia - WP IDFA 2014, Tbilisi IFF 2014, various international FF

    2008  TRANSIT DUBAI - 72 min & 57 min - Dubai’s rapid development into a metropole seen through the eyes of four photography students - WP IDFA 2009, Tbilisi IFF 2009, various international FF

    2005  BLACK GOLD UNDER NOTECKA FOREST - 58 min - The biggest oilfield of Poland is discovered underneath Notecka forest. Will the impoverished population of the forest benefit from this? - WP IDFA 2005, various international FF

    2003  PUTIN'S MAMA - 51 min - Vera Putina, who lives in the Georgian village Metekhi, believes to be the mother of Russian president Vladimir Putin - WP IDFA 2003, Tbilisi IFF 2009, various international FF

    1999  NOSTALGIA - 56 min - What are the effects of civil war in Georgia on a group of friends? - A film by Tato Kotetishvili & Ineke Smits - WP Leipzig FF 1999, various international FF.

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