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Giorgi Parkosadze

filmmaker, producer, cinematographer, editor

Giorgi Parkosadze is a documentary filmmaker, cinematographer and editor from Tbilisi, Georgia, who has always been curious to meet strangers, share their stories and collect their images in memory, as he believes memory is one of the main traits that defines us as human beings. In 2015, Giorgi received a MA degree in multimedia journalism and in 2022 he graduated from DocNomads obtaining a MFA degree in documentary film directing. For now, Giorgi works on completion of his first feature documentary film. Until now, he has done several short films, one of which premiered at CinéDOC-Tbilisi IDFF in 2019.


    2023  REQUIEM TO THE HOT DAYS OF SUMMER - 77 min - Georgia, Greece - Director, Producer, DOP - in post-production

    2023  MASTER OF LOSS - 28 min - Hungary, Belgium, Portugal, Georgia - Director, Producer, DOP

    2022  DE 5 À 7 - 10 min - Belgium, Portugal, Hungary - Director, DOP

    2022  LA FLOR DEL CAMINO - 15 min - Hungary, Belgium, Portugal - Director, DOP

    2018  ON THE GARAGES - 28 min - Georgia - Co-Director, Co-Producer, DOP

    2016  HOUSE ON THE HILL - 23 min - Georgia - Director, DOP

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