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Varsimashvili Giorgi

George Varsimashvili


George Varsimashvili is a Georgian director born in Tbilisi in 1986. After graduating university in Georgia, he went to study film in Paris 8 university. Bachelor's degree in editing and master's degree in documentary. His PHD head was Nicolas Philibert. After the university, he graduated ESRA Paris film school as a camera operator. In 2020 he won Dedolight competition for the best camera work for a music video. Having shot couple of short films, he later made two feature documentaries.

    selected filmography

    2023  HOTEL METALURG - 76 min - France, Georgia - Co-director, Cameraman, Editor. WP Sheffield DocFest

    2022  A STAGE - 85 min - Georgia - Director, Editor

    2011  A VOUS LA PAROLE - 9 min - France - Director, Editor

    2009  CINEMAS D'ART ET D'ESSAI - 20 min - France - co-director, editor


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