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Elene Mikaberidze


Elene Mikaberidze was born in Georgia and spent most of her life in Brussels, Belgium. She studied politics and holds an MA degree in Eastern Europe & Caucasus Studies. She completed film critic courses and worked in various filmmaking roles. In 2016 she moved to Georgia to direct her own films. Elene worked for film festivals internationally, Univerciné at the Katorza theater and Tbilisi International Film Festival. She is an alumnus of Filmmakers for Peace, From Script 2 Film, EurasiaDOC, Talent Nest at Vilnius Meeting Point.


Elene's debut feature documentary Blueberry Dreams is premiering at CPH:DOX Next:Wave Category.


    2024  BLUEBERRY DREAMS - 75 min - Georgia, France, Belgium, Qatar - Director. WP CPH:DOX

    2020  PURE BREED - 13 min - Georgia - Director

    2018  A BITTER LESSON - 6 min - Georgia - Director

    2017  BAGS AND BORDERS - 12 min - Georgia - Director

    2016  DURAKA - 5 min - Georgia - Director

    2016 OTTO - 12 min - Georgia - Director

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