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Derek Howard

editor, cinematographer

Derek Howard is an New York City based editor, cinematographer, and director. Immersed in the world of creative documentary, video art, and hybrid formats, Derek established himself as a risk taking, energetic, and innovative filmmaker with a focus on verité observational documentary, LGBTQ+ representation, dance, extreme nature, and climate change stories. His collaborations have led to premieres at Sundance, Telluride, TIFF, Venice, Berlinale, SXSW, IDFA, DocNYC, as well as prestigious art institutes such as the Tate Modern, Centre Pompidou, and MOMA PS1. He has participated in the IDFA Summer School, IDFAcademy, Reykjavik Trans Atlantic Talent Lab, Berlinale Talents program, and the Filming in the Amazon residency with Apichatpong Weserthat. Most recently, Derek shot celebrated visual artist Alison O’Daniel’s debut hybrid feature “The Tube Thieves” (Sundance 2023), and award-winning filmmaker Tracy Tragos’ “Plan C” (Sundance 2023). Derek was an editor consultant on Salomé Jashi’s “Taming the Garden” (Sundance 2021) as well as Mariam Chachia & Nik Voigt’s “Magic Mountain” (Munich 2023). He is currently editing Rusudan Gaprindashvili’s debut feature, “How To Talk to Lydia.”

selected filmography

2024  HOW TO TALK TO LYDIA - 78 mins - DE/GE - Editor

2023  MAGIC MOUNTAIN - 75 mins - GE - Consulting Editor

2023  THE TUBA THIEVES - 93 min - USA - DOP

2023  PLAN C - 99 mins - USA - DOP

2021  TAMING THE GARDEN - 91 mins - CH/DE/GE - Consulting Editor

2021  A TREE OF LIFE - 80 mins - USA - DOP

2021  BITTERBRUSH - 90 mins - USA - DOP

2019  THE HOTTEST AUGUST - 94 mins - CAN/USA - DOP

2016  THE DAZZLING LIGHT OF SUNSET - 74 mins - GE/DE - Editor

2011 BAKHMARO - 59 mins - GE/DE - Editor

2011 VIVAN LAS ANTIPODAS - 108 mins - DE/NL/USA/ - Assistant Editor

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