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Dea Cholokava


Dea Tcholokava, born in Tbilisi in 1996, was studying in Georgia and Germany Multimedia Production and sciences. Then she finished Master studies at Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University in Film and TV Directoring. Her Documentary film project The Mud Princess was selected by DOK Leipzig co-production market, B2B development platform, short pitch at millennium docs against gravity. In 2023 The Mud Princess received film production grant from Georgian national film center. In Autumn 2023 she directed short documentary Traffic Diary for Chai Khana media platform.


In early development  TOO NEAR TO THE SKY / ზედმეტად ახლოს ცასთან - Georgia - Director

In post-Production  THE MUD PRINCESS / ტალახის პრინცესა - Georgia-  Director

2023  TRAFFIC DIARY / საცობის დღიურები - 17 min - Chai Khana - Georgia - Director

2023  TINY SUMMER TRILOGY / ზაფხულის პატარა ტრილოგია - 8 min - Georgia, Ukraine - Director

2022  LONELY SUMMER HAIKU / ზაფხულის მოწყენილი ჰაიკუ - 4 min - Georgia, Ukraine - Director

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